Work from home ideas

Work from home and make pots of money. Does that ring a bell and sound like an email you came across when you were clearing up your spam folder? That is not far from the truth because more and more people are leaving their jobs to work from home in order to have a more meaningful and fulfilling life that is more than just playing yes-boss to their manager, bantering with co-workers, or spend hours commuting to work. Once you realize that running through life’s maze without pausing to find out if what you are doing is what works for you and blindly following the “office rules,” is not what you want out of life, it’s time to consider work from home ideas.

Waking up late, lounging about your home in pajamas all day and indulging in leisurely brunches each day of the week; that’s what people would tell you when they hear that you have decided to work from home. What they may not understand is the fact that while working from home involves flexible work hours, it is your profession and your career choice and you should therefore treat it as such. While it is not an easy decision for everyone to start working from home, the ones who have taken the plunge and are happy at it can never go back to being bound to a regular job in an office.

Snap right out of it

Working from home is not very different from a regular job; you wake up, get dressed and get to work. Yet, it also requires a strong sense of self-discipline to stay focused with the many temptations and distractions around you. You need to get out of your comfort zone and keep in mind that that you wouldn’t have a boss to push you on. And that is easy when you do what you like. Consider your skills and your expertise while deliberating on work from home ideas. What are you passionate about? Do you have any hobbies that you could transform into a profitable business or commercial venture from home?  Once you have researched and evaluated your skills, you can certainly come up with work from home ideas that don’t require much investment to start up with, yet you can earn your living at home.

Knowing your worth can help you reach to your target

Define your financial and work-life balance goals, in the short term and for long term. With your goals well in view, think up ideas that can make it easier for you to reach them. Want some inspiration?

The following work from home ideas will spark your creative juices and help you find those abilities you may never have realized you possess.

Are you artistically inclined?


If you are good with art and craft, you can choose to sell your handmade creations online on websites like EtsyFolksyArtFire or Notmassproduced. You can also promote your products within your local community by setting up stalls at flea markets, exhibitions or conferences. Talented artisans and jewelry designers can also take up custom orders for regular clients.

Want to share your talent? You can hold classes on teaching others how to learn and develop a particular craft. For the talented craftspeople, ideas to make money from home are endless.

Good with the paint brush? Artists with a talent for painting, sculpture or sketching have several options to earn a living by doing online jobs from home. You could be a cartoonist, an illustrator or a photographer and either sell your creations in your city at exhibitions, online or take work orders from online websites like oDesk or Elance. Your artistic talents could be put to use to create images that are always in demand in advertising, marketing brochures or even books for children.

Transform your shower singing skills into a lucrative vocation by offering lessons in music. Play the guitar or the piano? Well, there are so many of us who would love to learn from you. Share your knowledge and bring joy to the world, while running a thriving business at the same time.

Some of us are blessed with nifty fingers, and can come up with marvelous and imaginative pieces of clothing, embroidery, quilting and other needle-work creations. You could choose to sell your artwork to your clients and promote your business by word-of-mouth or in a blog or website. Teaching your skills to others can also make you a lot of money sitting right at your sewing-machine at home.

If you walk, talk and breathe design, you can put your aesthetic talents at work by creating healthy living environments for your clients as an interior designer to match their lifestyle.  You may have that eye for detail and beauty that brings in compliments from your family and friends for decorating your home.  Make good use of your skills by starting your own interior decorating consultancy.

Gift baskets are a fun way to express your creativity and are popular both with corporates as well as individuals who wish to impress their friends, business partners, employees and customers with innovative gift ideas. Start off on a small scale, by preparing baskets at home and promoting it through a personal blog and through social networking sites.

Are you a qualified educator?


If you are proficient in a particular field of education, there is no dearth of work from home ideas that can help you make money.

You may be a Math whiz, a school teacher with extensive knowledge of a subject or are fluent in a language; you are just the person to begin tutoring classes from home.  Word-of-mouth publicity works best in such cases, and once you have success stories to boast about, don’t be surprised to find people queuing up to be admitted.

Private coaching sessions online is one of the smarter internet business ideas that can help you to make much money. In this case, instead of classroom sessions, you’ll teach via Skype or through pre-recorded classes. WhizIQtutorvista and homeworkhelp have teaching assignments for teachers who can teach students from their home on a schedule that you are comfortable with and for a fixed number of hours per day.

If you are native English speaker who has basic computer skills and a high-speed internet connection, you could become an English language teacher to several clients in countries like Germany, Korea, and Japan and teach students to speak conversational English fluently. Classes are taken over a live internet video session like Skype. You may need to log in according to the time zone your student is in.

If you have a Nursing degree and you are a qualified nurse, you can be hired from home to work in a medical call centre, assess health of patients over the telephone or educate patients. Some health insurers could also appoint you as their case officers or to review medical records. If you are so inclined, you can become a personal care attendant or even start your own nursing home to look after patients or elders.

Could you be the next top chef? 


As they say, you can never go wrong with food. For most of us, thinking of food makes our digestive juices active, but if food makes your creative juices stir, then that’s the business you need to be in.

If baking is your forte and you have this heavenly chocolate cake recipe that your friends and folks talk about, you can begin your own bakery from home. Spread the joy at special occasions which are celebrated with cakes and pastries—birthdays, weddings, baby showers and other happy times.

Now, if you have that unique recipe for a sauce or a curry mix go ahead, brand it and sell it. You could arrange for tasting sessions in your home or send out samples to people. Begin a blog to promote your own special creation.

With everyone being conscious about their diet these days, you can cook wholesome meals for others based on their requirement. Vegan—check. Gluten-free meals—check. A choice of menus for each day or special occasions could be posted online. When your business takes off, you could plan catering for events like private parties or small wedding receptions.

So you say you are a pro in the kitchen. How about teaching others to cook to save their day as well? Television has made cookery shows very popular. But, most people would prefer to learn how to cook from someone they know. And what better, at the end of the class, everyone enjoys eating what they have prepared.

You can never get lost in the wide world of the internet

Connected throughout the world - World Wide Web

They say that internet has made our world a smaller place. They are right. With a high-speed connection, you can easily do online jobs without investment and end up earning your living from the comfort of your couch. Though, we advise you not to spend much time on the couch; invest in an ergonomically correct office chair.

Did you say you love to write? Well, you can write just about anything that catches the reader’s attention; from eBooks to sales letters, from book reviews to articles and website content. Everything pays. Sign up on popular freelance websites like oDesk or Elance to find clients who will hire your writing services.

Do you think you can sell your words?  Consider being an advertising copywriter and in return of your written words, you can expect to be paid handsomely. TV commercials, promotional video scripts, print and television advertisements, billboards, whenever anyone wants to sell something, copywriters are in demand.  In addition to websites like oDesk or ElanceGuru is another website where copywriters can find assignments.

You attended a workshop and learnt a whole lot of technical stuff. What do you do? Begin with creating a website for yourself, and then get paid for building them for others as web developer.   There are several online jobs for college students to combine their technical skills with creativity and earn while they study. Small business owners and companies are known to favor freelance web designers for creating their company websites as well as fixing glitches when required.

If you are an organized person who likes to assist people, you would make a perfect Virtual Assistant.  Virtual assistants can help out with a variety of tasks like writing articles for marketing, responding to emails, calendar management, market research and even answering phone calls and so much more. Another great opportunity for Virtual Assistant is to become a work from home data entry,  It all depends on your background training, interest and work experience. Did you also know that Virtual Assistants can also train to be Transcriptionists, working from at home? Yes, indeed. Perhaps not Medical transcription or Legal transcription which would require relevant medical or legal experience, but with a little training and developing a good ear for accents, you can land lucrative general or business transcription jobs which pay by the hour. There are several websites which post tasks for general transcription. It is best to begin with smaller tasks, and as you build a relation with the client, you could probably accept more jobs.

Another growing area of opportunity for working from home is to work for a Call Centre service as their representative. If you love to talk to people, and are familiar with working on a computer and simple data entry, you can choose to work for as little as an hour a day to full-time, answering incoming calls from customers to take their orders for products or services or to coordinate maintenance services.

Now, they say you can make money taking surveys online, and make a few dollars by expressing your opinion in a survey. While there are many companies that will pay you for taking surveys, you have to be aware of the scammers online.

Depending on where you are based, you could work as a website or a mobile tester in order to evaluate and monitor if the company’s website design is user friendly. How it works is, you register on a third party website which will inform you in case your demographic profile matches the targeted audience. You should not expect to receive a steady income, but in case you are selected, it would mean an easy $10 for 15-minutes of your time.

A great way to make a lot of dollars from home is to offer SEO services to clients. This may not be as easy as taking an online course on SEO—since there isn’t a perfect training program that can turn you into an expert. It may take you as long as six months to learn SEO concepts and the learning is a continuous process of keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest trends and Google updates. Now, we all know weather changes when Google does, right? The easiest way is to begin your personal blog, and write and share articles and your knowledge of SEO. Slowly, you will get attention from business that prefers monthly service to be at their best.

If money markets interest you, you have the option of becoming a forex trader from under your roof and make a lot of money quickly. Financial markets have their own mysterious ways, but there are tools like forex signals that have been known to guide many a new trader. Initially, forex trading may seem overwhelming, but you could start with understanding the market by trying out forex signals on a demo account, and when you are confident, move over to your very own live account.

Are you a fitness freak?


If you are, then you will fit right in to the fitness line, which is an extremely diverse and thriving industry that offers several career choices you could opt for, depending on your personal interest.

Do you dream about your golf swings, or perhaps about perfecting your tennis single-handed backhand strokes? You have the perfect opportunity to operate from your home by becoming a sports trainer to people who wish to hone their skills in the sport of their choice.

Another option for fitness personnel is to become a personal trainer to individuals. Depending on your specialty, you could choose to conduct training programs for women, senior citizens or even sports professionals, or even conduct group activity like Zumba Fitness or aerobic classes.

Some of us may have extra room at our home that is not being used. Put it to good use by turning it into a yoga studio. Usually, yoga mats don’t take up more space than 68 inches lengthwise and 24 inches breadthwise, which is just sufficient for one student to stretch comfortably. Of course, to become a yoga teacher, you need to be certified as a teacher and have hours and hours of practice. Once you are ready, start small, by taking one or two students. Slowly and surely, you would find your classes filling up, and students squeezing into your studio at home.

Find the entrepreneur lurking inside of you


You say you are not a foodie, not sporty and neither are you a nerd. Does that mean you cannot work from home? Absolutely not, because with a minimal investment, your career can take off like you never thought it will. Read on to learn more.

Ever thought of getting paid for your pastime, window shopping? Only, you get to spend real moolah, and buy clothes, shoes and all other lovely stuff for your clients, and get paid by them as well. That’s what you can do, become a personal shopper, if you have an eye for high-fashion and know the right places to get best deals.

Another option is to become a mystery shopper, though, this cannot be considered as a full-time job, since clients are specific about the profile of the mystery shopper. But, it certainly is a fun job you can make some extra money, being at home, all you need is a computer with internet connection and have an eye for detail and be extremely observant. A typical mystery shopper assignment could be carried out on the telephone or by visiting the location in person. It could be filling out surveys or writing emails as well. Your job will be to assess the level of customer service that the employees working at an establishment are providing. Interesting?

So you are a meticulous planner who never leaves things to chance. Guess what. You can run your own company from home, depending on where your interest lies. Are weddings fun? Or do you prefer parties? Or are you great at sorting out travel logistics on a budget? Most people don’t have the time or ability or even the knowledge of planning events or occasions such as these, and that’s where you come in with your organizing skills. You do not need to invest much, besides time for planning either weddings, parties or make travel arrangements. All you need to do is to pay attention to detail, always have a plan-B and make arrangements as though you were doing it for yourself; stick to budget, and make most of it. Social networking can help you to find clients, but you need to work hard in keeping them.

Small and big companies are always trying to find the right person for the job openings they have. HR and recruiting is pretty exciting if you love helping people to find the right vocation. There are several websites where you can find job openings listed, and all you need to do is to have the right connections and bingo! You are working from home.

Babysitting is a great option for adults who need to stay at home. You could begin by spreading the word around your neighborhood, or create notices or posters and pass them to the schools or churches in your area.  However, you do need to ensure that you arrange for activities for the kids according to their age group, to keep them busy when they are under your care. Healthy snacks or lunch should be given to them on time as well.

If you love animals, you could be a pet sitter and provide a doggie day care service for those who are either away at work for long hours or are going out of town on holidays. These days hotels for pets are pretty popular. You do need space, either in your front or back yard, though, to accommodate more than one animal.