Crafts to Make and Sell

Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life, said the philosopher. How can you love a job? You wonder. You don’t love jobs. You do them. You may be looking at things the wrong way, if that’s what you think.

We have developed this notion that anything that you hate doing is a job and that’s the only way to earn a living. We have equated making money with performing difficult tasks but don’t you spend a lot of time in making stuff? Like what, you might ask. That pillow cover you made as a gift for your sister or the sweater that you knit for your husband or the quilt you sowed from old clothes or that lampshade that you made by folding and sticking together discarded disposable spoons.

Those are hobbies you say. Have you ever considered turning your hobby into a way of making money? Let’s admit it, not everyone can make beautiful things. It’s a skill and the more you make things, the better you become. Anything that you can make with your own hands using easily available material is a craft. If you are good at making things that people look at and say, “Wow! Did you make that with your own hands?” then you should be seriously considering turning your craft into a career.

What are the crafts to make and sell?

 making_crafts_and_sell_themDecorative pieces and utility pieces are the most in demand. If you want to know more about what crafts to make and sell, then just visit a store which sells these. It could be a furniture store, a fashion boutique or any other place that sells handicrafts. Look around and you’ll notice that these were not made by machines but by people. Someone like you. Now, look at the prices and you’ll realize that when you buy a beautiful handcrafted bamboo bookshelf or a hand painted scarf you are not paying for the materials that were used but the craft or skill of the person who made it.

There are many things you can make and sell. Let’s make a list.

Drawings and paintings to adorn the walls. Photo frames. Prints of beautiful photographs. Pots for plants. Furniture made from recycled material. Clever decorative pieces made from cloth or paper. Recycled old wine bottles painted in bright colors become flower vases. Sweaters with innovative designs. Cloth bags with smart utility pockets. T-shirts with screen-printed graphics or messages. The list could be virtually endless.

But aren’t there already many people making these things and selling them? Yes, that’s why you have to see if there is a market for these things or if you can make them better.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of crafts to make and sell?

Just like an business proposition, there are pros and cons to turning a craft into a creative endeavor that makes money. The advantage is that you will be doing something that you love plus you can work from home. Whether it is painting or knitting, the investment involved is relatively low compared to starting a business or trade if you are working from home. Also, you can sell your products online or through existing retail outlets.

The drawbacks are that the profit margins could be very thin. Most people who buy crafts are impulsive buyers. They buy them because they like it but in order to tip the buying decision from liking to paying for it, they should find the object they like worth the price. If it is

How to start?

First of all, you should conduct your own research about the demand that exists for crafts to make and sell. The best place to start your research is online and in your own neighborhood. Look at websites that sell hand crafted items such as and to name just a few.

Identify the items that you like and which you would be willing to pay the price quoted. This is a good measure of the value of a craft. If you can make something similar or the same thing better, then you could start doing right from the comfort of your home.

How much money can you make selling craft?

If you are in it for the money alone, then you may not be able to make enough. That’s right. The main motivation is that you should enjoy doing what you do and that initially you should be able to sell enough to encourage you to continue with your craft. The potential to make profits depends on the demand and how soon you can make them. There have been many instances where a craft that started as a home business bloomed into a small scale industry and the entrepreneur had to hire people to make the items to meet the growing demand.

Just like any business, the secret to success lies in the quality that you make and of course your distribution channels. You may be able to sell what you make for a better price to someone in a different country than in your own neighborhood. This is possible if you use an online distribution channel but then you should be prepared to include shipping and delivery into the cost.

There are many online sites mentioned previously such as and which can help you cater to a potentially global marketplace.

Things to keep in mind

Creativity, uniqueness and quality are some of the main things that can differentiate a craft from a mass-made product. So, make sure that what you make can compete with mass-made products. The advantage of a handmade item is that they are unique. One way to increase the perceived value for an object and also be able to command a premium price is to guarantee the uniqueness of the piece. If you can state that it is a one-of-a-kind item or even that it is a limited edition product, you can incentivize people to buy your handmade products.

Of course, this means, you need to be continuously producing new and innovative stuff. How to keep your creative juices flowing?

Sources of inspiration

Good artists copy, great artists steal, said one of the greatest painters of the last century, Pablo Picasso. Many people have misinterpreted the meaning of these words. What he meant was that you can find inspiration in the most unlikely places if you look for them. The most important thing is not to imitate others or copy but to innovate and modify. is a great way to organize your inspirational sources.

Discover the artist hidden within you. You could be hiding many crafts to make and sell or at least one of them. Do you love to paint? Do you love to cook? Do you love to knit? Do you love to sew? Do you love to make pots? Do you recycle things? Do you make things? Then you are a craftsperson. You can make things and not only earn a living but be happy doing so.

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