Medical Transcription Jobs At Home

Technology has revolutionized the way we work today, online/virtual offices do not require physical space, traditional advertising for hiring employees and saves a lot of operational cost that goes into running an office in a traditional way. There are many people who work online as full timers as it is more convenient, like stay at home moms while others are part timers to make some extra cash. There are many online jobs that one can do; among them are medical transcription jobs at home. Some people might ask what is transcription. It’s changing the medium of data/information from one to another. Let’s say you have an audio file of information and you want it to be type written so that you can have a softcopy and can print a hard copy whenever you want. This idea is influencing the health information system in a very positive way in terms of ease of access to information and data security.

With the advent of computers, organizations are trying to get rid of paper files as they take up a lot of space, are difficult to retrieve and are prone to accidents. This “Go paperless” approach has given rise to the need of transcriptionists all over the world. Medical Transcription is one of the many home based jobs that you can do to earn money. All you need is a decent typing speed and good listening skills. There are many reasons why medical transcriptionists are high in demand like the insurance companies require typed medical records for making insurance claims. Also baby boomers are senior citizens now, so they need transcriptionists to transcribe their medical history which has increased the demand for transcriptionists dramatically. With the emergence of internet, you can do medical transcription jobs at home for local and international clients who are looking for medical transcription services.

Job Description and Responsibilities


Almost anyone can be a transcriptionist; people with and without medical background, but still there are certain things that are expected from a good medical transcriptionist:

  • Transcribe the information from the audio files and save it in MS word or PDF format.
  • Point out errors in the report and rectify it by consulting the physician.
  • Write alternate words or synonyms for the medical jargon used in the report.
  • Summarize the report and write down an easy to understand review of it.
  • Sometimes the transcriptionist is required to send back the transcribed report to the insurance company or the doctor.
  • Once the medical records are transcribed and have taken the shape of a type written report, then the transcriptionist is required to do the data entry for record keeping.
  • Sometimes you are required to dissect the report and compile all the statistics, prescriptions and correspondence separately.
  • Send the transcribed reports to the physician after proof-reading; you might be required to make changes in the report.
  • Sometimes transcriptionists just have to edit the medical reports for grammar, technical inaccuracies, spelling and punctuations etc.
  • Medicals records may include chart reviews, emergency room visits, patient histories, operations, consultations, medical reports, physical examinations and discharge summaries etc.
  • Translate acronyms and medical jargon in an elaborated form to be understood by patient and insurance company officials in order to make sure the accuracy of medical records.
  • Keep the medical record confidential and do not share them with anyone if you are instructed as such.
  • Keep your client updated with the progress of the project and ask them questions if you have any.
  • Perform a number of clerical tasks like typing, mailing, submitting insurance claims, operating office machines and filling.
  • Record keeping of various patients by maintaining separate files and updating them.
  • Sometimes the audio files dictated by the physicians are not clear enough so you might need to enhance the audio through audio software programs like Adobe Audition or voice recognition software tools etc.
  • Consulting medical reference material for the understanding of the information.

Qualifications and Training

If you are a home based freelancer who does all sorts of online jobs, then you might not be interested in getting the proper training for one of your jobs. But if you are a full-time medical transcriptionist, then it’s highly recommended to take proper training as it will take you further ahead in the field. There are some short medical transcription courses that are ideal for home-based mtjobs which are usually three months long while long courses can be expanded up to a year. You can even pick an online medical transcription course which is relatively shorter and is usually free of cost. Also, it is advisable to take a medical terminologies course or cram a reliable medical encyclopedia. Take some online writing and listening courses to master the craft. A computer with a stable power backup and an internet connection available 24/7 is definitely a must have.

 Skills Required

  • Knowledge of Physiology, Medical history and Anatomy is always a plus and saves you from referring to medical encyclopedias all the time.
  • Proficiency in the language you have to transcribe in, which is English in most of the cases.
  • Typing speed of more than 50 wpm is recommended.
  • Know-how of MS Word, PDF and other electronic formats to save type written files for transcription.
  • Also, you should have audio software where you can play the audio files and enhance the audio if necessary.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to follow medical transcription practices.
  • Good listening skills with ability to work under pressure.

How to Start?

First of all, you should equip yourself with the above mentioned skills and then jump into the arena. Remember that you are competing against thousands of workers around the world, so you should know the tit bits of the business. There are many professional medical transcription services who hire people from around the world to work online, a good resource to start is Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). These companies usually take you as full timer on long term basis. Working for a renowned medical transcription company is always good for your portfolio. Also, if you are a freelancer interested in mtjobs then there are several freelance websites where you can setup an online account. These websites serve as a bridge between clients and home-based workers. There are a number of home based medical transcription jobs that are posted on daily basis on these websites. So, you can choose a suitable job and apply for it. Make sure you are satisfied with the rate they are offering and the deadline for the completion of the project.

Potential Earnings

Medical Transcriptionists’ employment is expected to grow up to 14 percent until 2016 and it’s faster than any other occupation in US. With the aging baby boomers and insurance companies deeming of type written reports as mandatory for insurance claims, there is a lot of potential in this field. In general, the high demand of electronic documentation has pushed many people into medical transcription business. The medical transcription salary depends upon a lot of factors like if you are full timer or part timer, the experience in the field, how good you are and if you meet the deadlines or not. Usually a home based transcriptionist working for a renowned company can earn up to $47000 a year. With online outsourcing sites, the rate depends on the client and the number of hours you work for. Some projects are as little as worth $5 where you just have to transcribe 30 seconds to 1 minute audio file while other projects can be of several thousand dollars for heavier files. If your hourly rate is $15 which is the average rate and you work for 8 hours a day, then you can easily make $3600 a month which is pretty decent for a home based job.

Medical Transcription jobs at home has a lot of potential and the employment will likely to increase in the near future. So, if you want to stay at home for some reason and want to bring in steady income then medical transcription jobs can be a viable option for you.

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